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Who we are

Colorlight AB, the small innovative and professional marine searchlight company started development in the mid 90's and the first product was delivered 1996. The searchlight was developed together with crew from Swedish SAR - Search and Rescue - with the target to improve maneuvering and light functionality. Today Colorlight is supplying to shipyards and vessels all around the globe. Work Boats, Mega Yachts and Commercial vessels - more than 35 types of vessels are equipped with Colorlight Marine Searchlights.

In 2003 Colorlight AB was awarded Seatrade Awards "For excellence in Safety at Sea" - a most respected and recognised maritime award which we are very proud of.

Colorlight AB is part of Amplex Group, a private owned Swedish company - Amplexgroup.

Managing Director
Mattias Svensson
+46 35 38278
Markus Lundqvist
+46 35 38280

Production & Purchasing
Jonas Boslander
+46 35 38270

Engineering & Technical Support
Anders Holst
+46 35 38270

Order Administration
Astrid Hellring
+46 35 38280

Finance department
Ninna Lauridsen
+46 54 555164