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  • Dedicated
  • Professional

Who we are

We provide professional searchlights for the global maritime market, challenging the traditional searchlight market.
We are an independent business unit within Sunnex Lightning, part of Amplex Group, 300 MEUR annual turnover and approx 1000 employees.
Our staff is dedicated, motivated, professional and are as well experts in light technology, searchlight applications, seamanship, system development, electronics, automation and system integration.

Managing Director
Mattias Svensson
Area Sales Mgr - North Atlantic, Baltic Sea, Arctic
Markus Lundqvist
Areal Sales Mgr - Mediterranean, South Atlantic, M East and S Pacific
Open for applications

Supply Chain Mgr
Jonas Boslander

Technical Mgr
Anders Holst

Assembly and System Testing
Gino Guglielmo
Mattias Nilsson