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the future SEARCHLIGHT SOLUTION is already here

The market is full of concepts that are a derivate from the same basic mechanical solution that has been almost the same for the past 100 years. In the same timeframe man has gone from cole-fired ships to hybrid diesel-electric solutions with advanced dynamic controlled maneuvering systems. Broken gearboxes, motors and corroded mechanics have made Searchlight almost like consumables instead of long term solution equipment. It is very costly for the owner to reinstall and repair their searchlights on a regular basis. New and better solutions are here.


Since the start 1996, the development of ColorLight has been driven by the need of the users. The company was founded on the idea to simplify and improve professional marine searchlights and it started with the local pilot station vessels and today the company supply to many segments of vessels all over the world – mega yachts, offshore, merchant, navy, workboats, fishing, patrol, SAR, Coastguards, Icebreakers and many others.

the quality approach

In the ColorLight SearchLight Solution all mechanics and electronics are well protected inside the housing made in Acid Proof Stainless Steel and the components inside are digital controlled and monitored to ensure a long and durable lifetime. The brushless digital controlled motors will run for 15 000 operating hours or at least 15-20 years of normal operation time and this without any maintenance.

The light technology HMI (a more efficient sister to Xenon) combines extreme energy efficiency (generating 90 lm/W, similar to LED) with light quality similar to daylight (6000K color temperature and CRI/color rendering index over Ra 90). The character of the light is perceived as the best Ice Light Spectra in the market and really brings daylight at night. The light quality must be experienced in live action to understand the difference between light and good light. The technology used is also a very good UV-light provider and is today highly used equipment for salvation and oil spill operations enable a visual look of the oil at sea during night operations.

The distribution of the light is also a key. There seem to be a competition in the market to have as long reach out as possible leading to very thin pencil beam that in action reduces the understanding of the surroundings and also make it difficult to pinpoint the target when the sea not is flat. The output from a ColorLight generates a beam over 120 m in width and still reaches 3 nautical miles. The dual head solution also makes it possible to have a wide narrow flood beam and a long distance spot at the same time.

taking the lead

Since 2004 the control of the searchlights can be programmed in different modes to make work on the bridge more efficient. Since 2010 it is possible to set up systems in an Ethernet network (LAN) where the user can control any or many searchlights from any control station. Also since 2010 the control of the searchlight can be made from external systems – like slaving from a target tracking camera or a navigation system. From dec 2012 it is possible to control many searchlights in a synchronized mode and in Q2 2013 the system will be available with an integrated thermal or daylight camera – the fixture will carry ultraviolet spectra, visible light spectra and infrared thermal spectra in the same unit.

The control system will during 2013 be an integrated solution in specific navigation systems – you just address AIS, MOB, Waypoint, Danger zone, hostile target or any other point of interest where you need the light, without using the joystick the light will be on that point until you give a new command but is always ready to take over from the joystick if necessary. Modern vessels will need modern equipment to make seamanship and mariner’s life safer and more efficient. Our solution is the smart future One Man Bridge alternative.

tomorrow is already here

The combination of the robust quality, the light quality, the energy efficiency and the unlimited possibilities of the control has set a new standard for searchlights. Adding up the different applications where the equipment is used today – Search and Rescue, Navigation, Worklight, Oil Spill Detection, Antipiracy – the multipurpose solution from ColorLight will serve everything from basic Searchlight Solutions to more advanced and intelligent Searchlight System Solutions.

The Future Searchlight Solution - a Searchlight but also much more.