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  • Clean modern design
  • Integrated installation
  • Intelligent control


Mega yachts

Colorlight Marine Searchlights attracts many mega yacht owners and shipyards. The installation flexibility, the clean and modern design, the possibility to customize finishing to make the searchlight a natural part of the yacht is part of the success. It is very common with upside down installations high up on the yachts - this is not only a clean and nice installation but also give an improved maneuvering functionality. Colorlight Marine Searchlights are aboard both motorized and sailing mega yachts.
The intelligent control system makes it possible to integrate the searchlight functions into modern integrated commando bridges.

The most common searchlight for Mega Yacht Applications is our CL25 but also depends on the type and size of yacht. Pls contact us or our sales network for additional discussion.

Mega Yachts