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Wind mill
  • Unlimited manouverability
  • Robust embedded structure
  • Extraordinary light



There is a huge variety of work boats for different purposes in the market but a general request for all professional work boat mariners is to have a reliable and robust equipment.

SAR's, Pilots, Police, Firefighters, Coastguards, Ice breakers, Off shore supply vessels, Anchor handling vessels, Tugs, Windmill service vessels, Fishing Trawlers, Research, Navy and many other work boats have found Colorlight Marine Searchlights one of the best in the market for several reasons.

The unlimited movement in combination with extraordinary light are key aspects. The dual head make it possible to combine double white light for extra light power and light power security in case of bulb breakdown.
There is also the option to have white light in combination with UV-light for double functionality  - UV light can be used for oil spill detection or finding man overboard in poor visibility conditions like rain, snow or fog.

Colorlight Marine Searchlights have a very solid concept where the housing is made in acid proof stainless steel which is required for marine applications, the mechanical structure, the electric power and control system is all embedded in the housing and by that well protected from external influences.

Depending on type and size of vessel our product CL25 or CL35 are the most common. Please contact us or our sales network for discussion.


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