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rostfri 12

  • All inside
  • Acid proof stainless steel
  • Active feedback


Solid concept

The solid concept in Colorlight Marine Searchlights is built from outside and in.

The housing is made of acid proof stainless steel and meet the toughest conditions from marine environments. As standard the housing is painted in white but an even better solution in terms of corrosion resistance is to order a polished version. It is of course also a matter of taste. The searchlight can be delivered in any color by customer request.

The mechanical structure is all inside of the housing. As the housing fulfills the Ingress Protection class IP66 the inside is well protected from external influences like corrosion, ice or other. The movements are controlled by very powerful brush less digital controlled motors. There are no external mechanical moving parts.

Colorlight Marine Searchlights are using a dual head of lights. If you only request white light the natural choice is our dual white version. A dual head increases the security if the system as one of the lights contiune in terms of bulb breakdown. It is also increasing the light power and gives a fantastic sailing tunnel if one light is operated in spot and the other in flood.

 The system is built to give active feedback to the operation panel for maintenance activities - when it is time to change the bulb for instance. Also if there is a  problem in the system the fault is reported in the monitor in the electronic box. This make it possible to resolve any potential problem quickly.